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The Futurist Magazine

**THE FUTURIST Magazine will be transforming into a new kind of digital publication. Stay tuned!**


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THE FUTURIST was a bimonthly magazine published from 1967 - Summer 2015 by the World Future Society. It was also available on newsstands coast to coast in the United States. The focus of THE FUTURIST was innovation, creative thinking, and emerging trends in the social, economic, and technological areas.

Among the many influential futurists and experts who contributed to THE FUTURIST include: Gene Roddenberry, Al Gore, Newt Gingrich, Alvin and Heidi Toffler, Buckminster Fuller, Frederik Pohl, Isaac Asimov, Vaclav Havel, Margaret Mead, Robert McNamara, B.F Skinner, Nicholas Negroponte, Arthur C. Clarke, Douglas Rushkoff, David Walker, Glenn T. Seaborg, Clay Shirky, and Robert James Woolsey.

THE FUTURIST magazine’s print edition was one of the world's most popular publications about the future. THE FUTURIST featured the writing of inventor Ray Kurzweil, management experts Erik Brynjolfsson and Andrew McAfee, technology "maverick" Kevin Kelly, marketing guru Seth Godin, nature writer Richard Louv, futurist Paul Saffo, science fiction authors David Brin and Brenda Cooper, Internet-freedom scholar Evgeny Morozov, environmentalist and MacAuthur Fellow Lester Brown, nanotechnology pioneer K. Eric Drexler and roboticist and TED fellow Rodney Brooks among many other thought leaders.

THE FUTURIST was nominated for an Utne Independent Press Award for Best Science and Technology Coverage.

Why is THE FUTURIST no longer in print? 

Content distribution channels have fundamentally evolved over the last two decades. As futurists, we have long been talking about the disruptions to traditional industries as a result of digital technology. The publishing industry is no different. Today, print publications are high-cost, low-return efforts compared to digital publication. And today, there is no shortage of exceptional future-focused content circulating online from dozens of reputable sources. We want our readership to have access to the best content, whether that content is created in-house or by the future-minded thinkers outside of our built-in network. As a result, we will no longer be publishing and distributing a physical magazine. The Futurist will be transforming into a new kind of digital publication: an aggregator of curated and future-focused online content, combined with news and analysis from members who have blog articles and op-eds to contribute. The Futurist has been the World Future Society's trademark content offering for 50 years, and we expect it will be for another 50 years


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