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Dr. Geza Szathmary and THE FUTURIST

Géza Szathmáry has been a reader, collector and contributor to THE FUTURIST.  In fact, he possesses every issue of THE FUTURIST that's ever been published!  Read his fascinating story about communist Hungarian oppression and his thirst for futuristic knowledge. 


Hungary's "Bright Future"

By Géza Szathmáry

  Géza Szathmáry
With his collection of

For 40 years as a citizen of a Communist country, the "Future" had been pounded in my head as identical with "socialism to be followed by Glorious Communism."

Smothered through everyday experiences, about which we didn't dare to tell anybody off, the Future was turned into an arid abstraction or even into sheer nonsense: Five Year Plans either remained unfulfilled or were exceeded, fulfilled ahead of schedule. For decades, my wife was working with a Planners' Department, enabling me to know even better than others what an official report on "planning a bright future" meant.

Somewhere at the beginning of the 1980s, when Communism in Hungary became more friendly, I started to agonize. I got a German book within my reach: Robert Jungk's Der Jahrhunderttausendmensch, Bericht aus den Werkstaetten der neuen Gesellschaft then absolutely unknown to me. [Ed, note: The English version was titled The Everyman Project: A World Report on the Resources for a Humane Society.] Annexed among contact addresses was the abbreviation WFS and proper parameters.

Verging on the age of 50, I had been struck by a certain feeling of desolateness. How shall I understand all that is going to happen around me? Could an American periodical, issued by WFS, help my orientation? I thus decided to subscribe, which, believe me, was a tremendous and risky task under an agonizing Hungarian Socialism.

The material l got acquainted with from WFS seemed to be very high-tech obsessed. I have always immersed myself in a back-to-basics knowledge and a way of thinking. But THE FUTURIST had been changing in the meantime. And so did I. After a while, we started to strike a common path. More than one of my Letters to the Editor was published in THE FUTURIST and I became a member of the Futurist Readers' Panel.

Out of curiosity, I took out the first copy of THE FUTURIST that l received: June 1983. I have subscribed to your magazine for 25 years!

About the Author
Géza Szathmáry is a licensed expert in the law of international commerce and of industrial property rights. ln the ,1950s and 1960s, he Was a lawyer With the National Bank of Hungary, working in international banking law and foreign trade. He lives in Budapest.

Published in THE FUTURIST September-October 2008


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