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What's Next?

What’s on the Horizon for the World Future Society?

As we launch a new vision for the World Future Society, we are taking a careful and deliberate approach to planning for the future. Transformation is a nonlinear phenomenon: it means disruption to the status quo and experimentation with new approaches.

We are excited to be exploring number of Prospective Initiatives. Some are currently just under exploration. Others are in development! And others we are excited to be implementing as part of our new suite of membership benefits.

What do you think of these initiatives? Do you have suggestions? Send us your feedback at ideas@wfs.org.

Prospective Initiatives

Toward our goal of community-building and empowering members to make their future visions a reality, the Society is exploring the following initiatives:



Mobile Social Network

Our brand new World Future Society Mobile App brings the Futurist community to your fingertips! Members from across the globe plug into this inclusive community that ranges from aspiring futurists to the most well known and respected futurists in the world. Our mobile community is built on the strength of collective action and is designed to generate actionable results around your ideas.


THE FUTURIST (1967-2015) was one of the world's most popular publications about the future. You can read more about its history here, and members can access the entire FUTURIST Magazine archive here.


The Futurist will be transforming into a new kind of digital publication: an aggregator of curated and future-focused online content, combined with news and analysis from members who have blog articles and op-eds to contribute. The Futurist has been the World Future Society's trademark content offering for 50 years, and we expect it will be for another 50 years.

Gamified Innovation Platform (UNDER EXPLORATION)

To empower our members to make their future visions a reality, the Society is envisioning a gamified platform based in both the physical and virtual world.

The platform will bring people together from all over the world to share their aspirations to solve various future focused challenges. Between these aspirational futuristic ideas and the visions of a more positive tomorrow often lies a chasm in which the steps for the innovation are often mysterious, multi-processed, or have not gained adoption.

The gamification process should drive and channel our futurist membership community to combine our collective intelligence, helping to create teams that imagine and pool possible overlapping steps that bridge such innovation chasms in creative, future-focused ways. 

Alternative K-12 Education (UNDER EXPLORATION)

The Society and Futurists at large believe that future-focused skills should be at the heart of everyone’s education. Long-term thinking skills about honing positive relations between ourselves, society, technology, and the environment in an age of accelerating change is not just vital for our professional purpose and development but also for our personal growth and overall well being and empathy for others.

Traditional formal education processes unfortunately far too often fail to emphasize such learning. In collaboration with its members and networks, the Society will aim to develop alternative education offerings that can help fill this urgent gap.

Branded Entertainment (UNDER EXPLORATION)

The World Future Society will be working with TV and Film Companies to co-create and brand vision aligned content to promote non dystopian visions of the future. In the entertainment industry the popularized term is known as Filmanthropy.

We currently have projects in various stages of initial development. We will also will be looking for current TV and FIlm projects that aligns with the futurist mindset to partner with and promote to reach the widest audience possible.

Tiny House Labs: Futures of the Built Environment & Sustainable Living Communities (UNDER EXPLORATION)

The tiny house movement is an architectural and social movement dating from at least the 1990s that has recently grown remarkably in influence. The World Future Society sees the potential of Tiny Houses being built to constitute one or more experimental futurist residential communities that would also be innovation and design labs for exploring a variety of sustainable futuristic lifestyles (e.g. these might range from high-tech virtual reality centered lives to low-tech traditional ways).

Do you have ideas about these initiatives? Initiatives you’d like to suggest? Are you interested in sponsoring one of these initiatives? Send us your feedback at ideas@wfs.org.


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